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June 17th
Ascension Day
Laugavegur 53b
Lopi book nr. 31
Opening hours during the weekend

Lopi 31 out now in english!
Lopi book nr. 31 has arrived in english for all you english speaking knitters to enjoy! Check out the pictures from the book here.
Lopi Book 30
Book 30 is now available in English

Lopi in summer-mood
Plötulopi is available in six new colours this summer! They match the colours of Einband lace weight yarn which were introduced last summer.

9044 purple
1098 vivid blue
1762 turquoise
9268 lime
1768 pink
9128 blush

Contact us to order

Imagine a summerly version of our Dagrenning cardigan with white as the main colour.
Istex offers a free pattern for a children's sweater called Sumargleđi. Unfortunately, the pattern is in Icelandic only but the picture is inspiring.

Dagrenning - a light cardigan
Light weight garments that still benefit from the quality of Lopi yarn have been in high demand for the last months.
"Dagrenning" which means "dawn" is made by combining the soft and warm features of Plötulopi with the strenghts and structure of Einband lace weight yarn - without the heavy or bulky feel of the traditional Icelandic sweater.
Perfect for the Icelandic summer or the time in between seasons in milder climates.

Contact us for more information, to purchase the pattern and/or yarn.

1st May 2010
It's International Workers' Day on 1st May, this coming Saturday.
However, we will work for you.
Our stores will be open as following:

Skólavörđustígur 19: 11 - 15

Laugavegur 64: 13 - 17

Radisson SAS – Hotel Saga Gift Shop: 8 - 13 and 17 - 20

First day of summer!
On 22nd April 2010 it's time to celebrate the first day of summer! This day is a national holiday in Iceland!
We will open our stores for you this day, but please note the limited opening hours.

Happy summer!

Easter holidays
The temperatures are getting milder now but of course it is never too warm to wear Icelandic wool around here.
Are you planning on visiting Iceland - and us - this spring? Please check our opening times for the Easter weekend.
For those interested in making your own sweater, please keep in mind that yarn and patterns are only available in the main store on Skólavörđurstígur. You can arrange a pick up in any of the other locations if you let us now ahead.
Send us an email

Happy Easter!

The cold season is approaching and Christmas holidays are just a few weeks away. Keep comfortably warm this winter with Icelandic wool!

Our hand made sweaters, hats and mittens ensure a fun time out in the snow. The unique Icelandic wool repels rain and is highly insulating, thus keeps you warm and dry. Our garments are perfect for both, an active day outdoors and cosy times inside.
Have a look around in our collection of hand knitted sweaters and other products made from Icelandic wool like scarfs and blankets.
Is there a better Christmas gift than something to keep you and your loved ones warm in these dreary times?
Last but not least, if you knit yourself, have a look at the latest pattern book Lopi 29 and our range of knitting yarns.
Send us an email to request information on shipping conditions and prices.

Lopi Book Nr 29
The new Lopi pattern book Nr 29 from ISTEX is now available in English! Order now!

Look at the new patterns here.

Opening hours in September
Summer draws to a close. We are looking forward to a colourful autumn, both out in the Icelandic nature and with further new colours of Einband arriving soon.
Please notice our changed opening hours in September!

Icelandic Lace - New summer colours arrived!
Eight new colours of Einband, the Icelandic lace weight yarn from ISTEX, have arrived in our shop!

Upper row, left to right:
1770 red, 1766 orange, 9028 yellow, 9258 pale green, 1764 lime, 9112 dark green

Lower row, left to right:
1767 lavender, 9044 purple, 1768 pink, (9932 palevioletred and 9933 purple are not new)

All new colours come in lively solid shades and are available now in our store. Of course, you can also order online. Simply send us an email to order, check prices and/or shipping costs.

Opening hours at Whitsun
Please click here for our opening hours at Whitsun.
Please notice that yarn is only sold in our shop on Skólavörđustígur 19.
However, if your visit in Reykjavík does not allow for a stop on this day, you might want to contact us ahead in order to arrange a possible pick up of pre-ordered items.
Phone: +354-552 1890

Happy Holidays!

Knit café in December
The next knit café will be on Thursday, the 4th of December from 20 to 22 at Café Amokka, Hlíđarsmára 3, Kópavogur.

This time, Icelandic author Hallgrímur Helgason will read from his new book. Unfortunately, it will not be for sale in Amokka but there is the opportunity to have your copy signed in case you bring one. What a nice touch for a christmas present!

Otherwise, just bring your knitting project as usual and use the opportunity to meet new friends and old ones and chat away in relaxing atmosphere.

Updated news can be found here Prjonakaffi

Lopi Book Nr 28
The new Lopi pattern book Nr 28 is available in English!

Buy your copy in our shops at Skólavörđustígur 19 or Laugavegi 64 or order online!

Knit café in October
The next knit café in the Reykjavík area will be on Thursday, the 2nd of October, from 20 to 22 at Café Amokka, Hlíđarsmára 3, Kópavogur.

Harpa Jónsdóttir is the special guest and will introduce her knitting designs.

Bring your knitting project and use the opportunity to meet new friends and old ones and chat away in relaxing atmosphere.

Updated news can be found here prjonakaffi

Knit café in April
The next knitcafé in the Reykjavík area, will be on Thursday, the 3rd of April, from 20 to 22 at Café Amokka, Hlíđarsmára 3, Kópavogur.

Designer Brynja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, BDG Design, will be presenting her sweaters, dresses, skirts and other garments knitted from lopi.

Her clothes can be bought online at:
BDG Design

Knit café in March
The next knitcafé in the Reykjavík area, will be on Thursday, the 6th of March, from 20 to 22 at Café Amokka, Hlíđarsmára 3, Kópavogur.

The theme will be: Knitting from Lođband.

Lođband has been used for knitting or crocheting shawls, scarves and other very lightweight garments. Now lođband seems to very much the fashion and in a new knitting book from Ístex, designer Védís Jónsdóttir, shares her vision with us; dresses, sweaters and also something easy for the beginners.

Knitcafe in February
The next knitcafé in the Reykjavík area, will be on Thursday, the 7th of February, from 20 to 22 at Amokka, Hlíđarsmára 3, Kópavogur.

Blog in Icelandic about knitting and other handicrafts

in many colours and patterns are available in our shops at Skólavörđustígur 19, Laugavegur 64, Iđa in Lćkjargata and at our store Ull og gjafavörur at Radisson SAS Hotel Saga.

Sweaters with zipper
Sweaters with zipper for children and adults.

Hats and mittens
In our shops you will find many types of hats and mittens.

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